23 January 2015

English Friday : How Gadget Affects My Life

Fokusnya ke gadget, abaikan peyeknya ^_^

Whoaa .. It's Friday again . Days like so fleeting , yes . This week's challenge theme is " How Gadget Affects Our Life " .

Well , I will discuss it from the point of view of a housewife .

I am a housewife with two children under five . Often , I 've been using task time with children . With the gadget might reduce it a lot more. There is a saying , which is much closer gadgets and keep close . But for me , it applies only slightly .

Gadgets already as something integral .
But for me , it is not always like that . When I was with the kids in the sense it is a special time for them , I get rid of the gadgets .

Gadgets means to make friends .
As a housewife who daily live at home , it is important to say hello to friends who are at great distances .

Gadgets have helped my children to learn.
Parents may exist that prohibit their children to touch gadget , I let the kids play with it with equal portions of time with other activities , not connected to the internet , and contains educational games only.

How much gadgets affect my life ?
If I do not use gadgets , of course, would be the people who do not know all of you .
But sometimes gadgets do not affect , anyway .

So , which is it ?
I'm confused.
~~~~~ ^_^ ~~~~~

Thank for Grammar Nazy for your sharing at Blog English Club learning group.

Walaupun dengan terbata membaca kata-demi kata di grup BEC yg notabene memakai bahasa Inggris, sikit-sikit ada mungkin yang masuk di kepala.

Fiuuuh...! -__- 


  1. Memang gadget memudahkan juga ya mba. Ada banyak education application.

    1. Yang penting pengawasan jalan terusss...

    2. Yoi, selain pengawasan juga durasi pemakaiannya, kan?

  2. Wow, your content articles all writting in English. So amazing especially explain about superb gadget. Keep Happy blogging :)

    1. Thank you, Mak. I'm still learning English. I wish, :*

  3. i agree that gadget does not always give negative impact for children, as long as it used wisely :D

  4. Yes I am sedikit mudeng tapi setuju saja deh sama this article coz gadget is useful in zaman sekarang ini hehe... Maaf blepotan bahasanya

    Salam kenal dari Pulau Dollar

    1. hahaha, ini enggres ku juga pasti belepotan kalo dibaca orang enggres.
      btw, thanks sdh berkunjung.

  5. huuaaaa.. peyeknya kok dianggurin,,
    #dasar penggemar peyek
    kalo bicara soal gadget, menurut saya ga ada dampak negatifnya. Yang ada justru positif. Yang membuatnya jadi negatif kan manusianya yang loss controll (duh bener ga bahasa enggres nya niy ?)
    btw.. thx for the article.. I love it


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